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Play the Archlord 2 Soundtrack and name the scores!

Jul 11, 2014
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Update August 15th 2014:


We have examined all your title proposals for the soundtrack scores and we have selected the ones that we think match better the atmosphere of each score.

Since tracks #3 and #11 come from the Archlord soundtrack, we have decided not to rename them.


1. A Hero is born
2. Rebirth
3. Archlord – Tullan
4. Rise of the Crunn
5. Azuni Sky
6. Fullmoon ambush
7. Betrayal
8. Archdemon
9. Claymore
10. Heroes of light
11. Archlord - Ending
12. Heroic return
13. Indigenous resonance
14. Spirits of the dead
15. Midnight carnage
16. We will rise again
17. No one is safe
18. The endless pursuit
19. The Legion arrives
20. The great battle: Azuni vs Crunn


We now have all the titles, therefore we will celebrate with a +20% Fame buff that will remain active during the whole weekend. Due to the current circumstances in-game we decided to replace the initially announced increase to the gold drop rate with a buff that will provide increase fame gain. We apologise for the change of plan, but we’re sure you will understand. Besides, who doesn’t want to become famous?!

Have a great weekend!








Hello Citizens of Chantra,


Today, we are not talking about war! You can drop your weapons, or keep them if you intend to use them as instruments. Yes, today we are talking about music!


Last month, we introduced you to our soundtrack composer Cris Velasco through a very interesting interview where he explained to us how he came up with the Archlord 2 soundtrack. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you take a look at this interview.


Today, it’s time to introduce you to Cris’ work. You might have heard some of those themes already in game, while exploring Green Hills peacefully or fighting for your life in Locan’s Lab… But the world of Chantra is limitless, and it would be a shame for your ears to miss out on some of this great work. Also, it’s a chance for you to have a look, or an ear… at the other faction’s atmosphere… Yes… even the ruthless Orc can find peace while listening to an Azuni theme… and it works the other way around as well! Deep down in all those massive orcs, there is always a heart beating, or maybe not… but still, there is a heart!


The music of Archlord 2 is very epic and will escort you through your adventure providing a real signature. But no more talking now, let the art speak for itself:

You can listen, add the soundtrack to your playlist or even download it if you want to keep the Archlord spirit outside the game. Enjoy!



Help us name the individual Soundtrack pieces!


We need your help to find suitable names for each of the music pieces of the Soundtrack! So put your musical thinking caps on and suggest names for each of the pieces. Feel free to submit just one name for your favorite piece or suggest names for more than one of the tracks. They can be related to the zone you can hear the music in, or relate to it in some other way. Just suggest the names here in this thread.


There is something in it for you as well! Once we have found suitable names for each of the 20 tracks, everyone will be rewarded with a server wide buff! We will enable a weekend of 20% extra Gold drops! So, the sooner you suggest the names, the earlier you will have the special buff weekend!

Discuss this news and suggest your titles on the forum

We apologise for the change of plan, but we’re sure you will understand. Besides, who doesn’t want to become famous?!