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How to use the OBT game launcher and select your server

Jul 03, 2014
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In an ongoing effort to improve our service, we have implemented some changes in our launcher.

Step 1

You will now be able to select your client’s language when launching the game. To do so:

• Simply start the launcher
• Enter your account credentials and log in
• Select your client language (drop down menu above the Login/Start button)
• Click Start

The game should then be displayed in either English, French or German which are the currently supported languages. Note that upon restarting the game, you can always change the displayed language and access any server you want. There is no language restriction upon server selection.

Step 2

Every player can access all servers, regardless of which client language was selected. We wanted to provide as much flexibility as possible, so you can play on the server you prefer with the client language you want.

However, if you wish the game to perform well, it is important that you consider latency. If you’re located in Europe, you will be still able to play on American servers, but bear in mind that this will greatly increase the distance between your home pc and the datacenter running your environment.

Additionally, if you wish to play in a specific language you might as well prefer to play with people sharing the same tongue. For this reason, we now have servers with language suggestions:

[EUROPA] Locan
[FRANCAIS] Chimera
[DEUTSCH] Ishgar
[AMERICA] Willowfire

During CBT, this aspect of server selection was not properly highlighted, and lot of players ended up on a server mainly speaking English while otherwise their initial choice would have been their native tongue. 

Willowfire becomes America’s first choice!

Observant players will probably have noticed the relabeling of the Willowfire server as well as the disappearance of the Arahan server. This was a decision we made for the OBT, after weighing the pros and cons of creating two distinct time zones.

The internet is an open world where players can share some quality time together across vast distances. For a large country such as the USA, that means a Californian can keep in touch with his longtime friend from New York playing Archlord 2 together.

Since Archlord 2 strongly encourages party play, we believe that the creation of the two time zones would hurt this relationship which is not what we set out to do!

So instead, we adjusted the server structure in a move we hope will please the largest possible amount of players.

We have set the server time for Willowfire to CDT (UTC-5), standing between West and East!

Additionally, we have scheduled our massive battlegrounds to start at 7PM CDT in 3 consecutive waves of 60 min. brawls! This will allow each time zone to participate in these events with a greater variety of players!

Local Time Zones and Universal Coordinated Time

Running events that span across so many time zones can be rather confusing for players who are used to playing market restricted games. However, there is one common clock everyone will soon learn to be familiar with: UTC (Universal Coordinated Time).

All of our servers run based on this time standard (see below) and the fastest way to convert this to your local time is to simply open the main page of our website. In the top left corner, near the navigation bar, you will always find a dual clock displaying both UTC and your local time.

 [EUROPA] Locan: UTC + 2
 [FRANCAIS] Chimera: UTC + 2
 [DEUTSCH] Ishgar: UTC + 2
 [AMERICA] Willowfire: UTC -5

Please note that massive battlegrounds will run at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm server time!


We will soon re-activate the download link to our client in anticipation for the OBT kick-off!

You can choose your language and select your server according to your personal preference and conveniently convert the time of our PvP events to your local time. Your patience will soon be rewarded and we will keep you informed of the next steps over the coming days!

Looking forward to see you in OBT!

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