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Producer Statement - The Next Steps

Jun 27, 2014
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Dear testers,

We would like to thank you for taking part in our Closed Beta in June. We pushed really hard to release that first phase of beta testing, hoping to collect some core technical information related to our servers, our installation process and our game launcher.

Thanks to your feedback, our teams could start working on solutions to prevent the technical incidents some of you have endured. Overcoming these issues should allow more of you to participate in testing our game during the next phase:

Open Beta

We’re looking forward to see you once more for this important milestone of the project, as your feedback will again be critical in terms of improving the game. So let’s have a look at what's planned! In about a week’s time, the servers will open again, this time for the OBT. And what does that mean? Well, with the Open Beta Test:

 We no longer restrict players' access, and everyone will be able to participate without requiring a key.

 We no longer delete progression and characters, so everyone can experience the content and invest time in the game without fear of having to redo it all in the future.

 We increase our level cap to 40, enabling you to try more dungeons and an additional difficulty level.

We hope this content update will help you to prepare for your main test assignment: PvP Activity Testing!

It’s important we gather as much feedback as possible during this Summer in order to fine-tune the PvP activities to bring out their best. We have already begun implementing early feedback from our testers and will increase the speed of combat skills by roughly 20% to make battles more dynamic, but we need legions of testers to populate our massive battlegrounds.

These battlegrounds will run three times per evening, each day with a different playground and different set of rules. That’s three hours of intense action! Are you strong enough to join the battle?

Make sure you show us your prowess on the battlefield as you provide your feedback, because we’re pretty excited to see who shows promise and might become our first Archlord once the competition opens!

Of course, you will need to prepare for this event, so don’t hesitate to test our skirmishes as well. Only the Aquila Arena will remain accessible, to focus testing on that particular battleground only.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Archlord 2 Beta Test

So now we have the Beta Test Check List pretty much in order, let’s just add a few more tips. Testing a game requires some understanding of its design objectives, so let’s make sure we're all on the same page in that regard:

 Archlord 2 is focused on party play, not on quest content. Instead of questing alone, group for dungeons, because that’s where the gear you need is located, and that’s where the fun is: doing PvE activities.

 Archlord 2 encourages grouping without penalizing the soloists. The party matching system allows for easy grouping for dungeons, and a party skills offer group buffs that you should try to have active at all times! You can clear dungeons with friends of nearly any given level, and yet, if you really wish to enter dungeon on your own, you can do that too!

 Unless you find a good DPS cycle and party buff tactics, Archlord 2 can seemingly be about spamming keys and drinking loads of potions. Too many testers seem to be unaware that they can add in additional attacks between chained skills. You can’t really hit fast until you master that skill, so ask around on the forum and find out how fast you can fight!

So when is the Open Beta starting?

The results of the Closed Beta were quite encouraging and we were about to launch Open Beta on the original target date of 1st of July. But it just felt like insisting on meeting that target date was mostly fed by the excitement of the players and the staff rather than reason and what was best for the project.

We do love to see you urging us to deliver the game and it’s a great motivation boost for us, but looking at the technical incidents that occurred during CBT, we thought it better to ask for just a little more patience in order to work on them.

Of course even the Open Beta will be far from perfect, and we hope you understand that this is a test and not the final game (if something like that even exists for an MMO). However this time, we decided to slow down a bit and allow ourselves time to implement some of your feedback. There is also a bunch of fixes we wish to see implemented for Open Beta.

I’m sure all of you can understand our concerns and we ask you to be patient for just a little longer ... No? Well, we know that too, so stay tuned because we won’t take long!

Thank you.

Fabien, Archlord 2 Producer 

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