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Dear Archlord 2 players,

Unfortunately, the time has come for Archlord 2 to close its doors for good. The servers for Archlord 2 have been deactivated and it is no longer possible to play the game.

Archlord 2 has been a great adventure for all of us, and we sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your time with the game and the friends you made while playing it. We know we have.

Archlord 2 History

Although Archlord 2 has not been around as long as some other titles, it has had a quite impressive history. Over the course of its life, over 300,000 players have logged on to Archlord 2 for a combined total of over 5 million hours (that’s over 580 years!) of play-time.

Together we released and enjoyed 7 major updates, along with numerous smaller content patches, events and other milestones. You have created more than 400,000 characters, ventured into nearly 1.5 million dungeons and fought on over 2,000 battlegrounds.

During this time, Chantra has had numerous rulers, memorialized in this Hall of Fame:


We are truly grateful to all our loyal players and we hope that you have enjoyed your time with Archlord 2. But everything must come to an end, and the time has come to say goodbye and farewell. And while we are naturally sad to see Archlord 2 go, the adventure does not end here. The Webzen.com portal features many great games for you to check out and enjoy!

Your Archlord 2 team.